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PredictArray Breast
Breast Cancer

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The PredictArray Breast determines the expression of hormone ER (estrogen), PR (progesterone), the biomarker HER2 and cell proliferation index Ki67, in breast cancer cells.

The panel has the option of adding the PD-L1 immunoassay

If your sample is not already in the Microdignostikis’ files. Contact us immediately to arrange safe and fast shipping to our laboratory. You will also need to complete the Consent Form easily and quickly.

All five antibodies used by MicroDiagnostics Ltd are accredited in accordance with ISO15189: 2012. This means that these tests are subject annually to External Quality Assessment providing for the test results with high reproducibility and repeatability.

The PredictArray Breast is carried out in our laboratory, like all our other tests, in immunohistochemistry platforms Leica Bond Max & Dako Autostainer Link 48 by experienced medical staff.

What is the Clinical utility of PredictArray Breast;

The results of the PredictArray Breast test are essential for the oncologist & mammologist as they will decide the optimal treatment for breast cancer, or the optimal combination of treatments, based on them (e.g. hormone therapy, targeted anti-HER2 therapy, chemotherapy).

Possible test results:

  • Breast cancer is hormone dependent (high expression in ER, PR or both)
  • Breast cancer strongly expresses HER2 biomarker, indication for anti-HER2 therapy
  • Breast cancer does not express any biomarker, i.e. is ” triple negative » (triple negative breast Cancer – TNBC ) (see Special Types)

How is PredictArray Breast test conducted in microDiagnostics Ltd?

The test is performed on the biopsy or surgical specimen (paraffinblock) that your histological examination was performed on.

Contact us immediately  to arrange safe and rapid transport to our laboratory.

One touch approach – Strategic Sample Management, Time Saving

  • In our vertical integrated Laboratory, we handle your sample in suchway as to minimize its unnecessary waste:
    • The paraffin block is positioned if it is possible once in the microtome to obtain tissue sections from experienced histotechnologists.
    • Tissue sections are sequentially acquired in such way as to ensure the diagnosis and conduct Immunohistochemistry if required (diagnosis, prognosis)
    • PredictArray Breast is carried on Immunohistochemistry platforms in our laboratory at Leica Bond Max and Dako Autostainer Link 48.
    • Assurance that tissue sections are preserved for further molecular testing in fully controlled storage conditions.

Cancer Type:

Breast Cancer

Turn Around Time:

4 days*

* In case you need to repeat a test we will let you know immediately

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The PredictArray Breast is performed in biopsy material (paraffin cube, FFPET) in which your histological examination had been performed for the diagnosis to be contacted. Provide us, if possible, 2 paraffin blocks of the tumor and we will test the most appropriate and representative sample to ensure the reliability of the result.


Contact us immediately to arrange safe and fast shipping to our laboratory. You will also need to complete the Consent Form easily and quickly

Contact us at 2310 23 22 72 and we will immediately arrange for your quick sample transfer to our laboratory.

Via bank card, bank deposit, or online bank deposit

One of the primary concerns of microDiagnostics’ Ltd is the protection of your personal data as well as the strict adherence to the conditions protecting your genetic material and medical results.

In full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we ensure that you are aware and conscious for any examination will be conducted and we do not announce results via phone calls.

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