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9 questions for HPV prevention

1_ What is the HPV virus?

HPV is the human papillomavirus and is the most common sexually transmitted infection of our time.

2_ Which are the genotypes of the virus?

There are more than 100 genotypes of the virus, some of which are considered low and others high risk. Infections by high-risk types – about 10% of infections – tend to last longer.

3_ How is HPV transmitted?

Most often the infection is transmitted through sexual contact, but also through simple skin contact.

4_ How can one be protected from HPV?

A) Vaccines cover the most dangerous genotypes of the virus. Get informed by your doctor.
B) The use of a condom provides protection, reducing the risk of infection with the virus.
C) Active or passive exposure to tobacco disrupts the body’s defenses.
D) A healthy lifestyle and diet help build an armored immune system.
E) Prevention is important! Talk to your gynecologist about the HPV detection test.

5_ What is the HPV COMBO test?

The HPV COMBO test combines the detection of the most common high-risk and low-risk HPV genotypes and the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The HPV COMBO TEST can detect 40 HPV subtypes separately and 14 sexually transmitted microorganisms.

6_ Which STD microorganisms does the HPV COMBO test detect?

It detects the following 14 microorganisms:

• Chlamydia trachomatis
• Neisseria gonorrhoeae
• Ureaplasma urealyticum
• Ureaplasma parvum
• Trichomonas vaginalis
• Mycoplasma hominis
• Mycoplasma genitalium
• Herpes simplex virus type 1
• Herpes simplex virus type 2
• Candida albicans
• Candida giabrata
• Candida krusei
• Candida parapsilosis
• Candida tropicalis

7_ How are HPV and STD microorganisms detected?

Detection is performed by molecular analysis using real-time PCR in:

  1.  Vagina-cervical smear – Pap test
  2.  Foreskin smear
  3.  Vaginal discharge
  4.  Urine
  5.  Saliva
  6.  Sperm

*Important information:

The HPV COMBO test can be performed with a sample obtained during a visit to the Gynecologist or Urologist depending on the health problem.

8_ How can my sample be sent to the laboratory?

The process of collecting the sample is simple and takes place during your visit to your clinician. Upon notification, microDiagnostics Ltd takes the sample and guarantees a quick and reliable analysis.

9_ Is the HPV COMBO test safe & reliable?

Absolutely. The HPV & STD detection test is CE IVD approved and certified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The HPV Combo Test detects 40 subtypes of the HPV virus (40 types) and 14 sexually transmitted microorganisms

Detection is performed by molecular analysis using real-time PCR in:

A) Vagina-cervical smear – Pap test

B) Foreskin smear

C) Vaginal discharge

D) Urine

E) Saliva

Z) Sperm

The procedure of collecting the sample is simple and is performed during your visit to your clinical doctor (gynecologist or urologist depending on the case ). Upon notification, microDiagnostics Ltd receives the sample and guarantees a quick and reliable analysis.

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One of the primary concerns of microDiagnostics’ Ltd is the protection of your personal data as well as the strict adherence to the conditions protecting your genetic material and medical results.

In full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we ensure that you are aware and conscious for any examination will be conducted and we do not announce results via phone calls.

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